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About Havenergy Consulting Inc.

HAVENERGY Consulting is a focused company on provision of clean energy and environment advisory services. Advisory services include decarbonization planning, energy equity, energy system modelling, business model, project management, policy strategies, advocacy strategies, and training for corporate organizations, governments, community group, and various institutions.


What we do

Research and benchmarking analysis support on decarbonization and electrification pathways

Adesanya, A. A. (2021). Can Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Achieve Justice in Transitioning to 100% Renewable Electricity?

Distributed energy system planning and design

Minigrid, microgrid, and off grid (standalone for businesses, homes, etc.) systems.

Project Planning and Management

Let us help you to plan, design, and optimally size your renewable energy projects from the scratch to finish.

Climate and Energy Equity Advocacy

Havenergy Consulting facilitates policies and programs that advocates climate justice

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