About Us

HAVENERGY Consulting is a focused company on provision of clean energy and environment advisory services. Advisory services include decarbonization planning, climate justice, energy equity, energy system modelling, business model, project management, policy strategies, advocacy strategies, and training for corporate organizations, governments, community groups, and various institutions. It is founded and incorporated in different states across the U.S. HAVERNERGY works to improve the tripartite people, planet, and power (electrical power) for sustaining humanity. 

Our Mission

HAVENERGY Consulting position itself as a vehicle that drive organizations, governments, communities, and businesses to realize their goal of achieving clean energy, energy efficiency, and net zero carbon systems for sustainable development. It facilitates decision-making and investments strategies on rapid transition to safe, affordable, equitable, reliable, and sustainable energy system by various clients such as government, communities, corporate organizations, and investors. HAVENERGY Consulting offers advisory and instructions to institutions of learning about practical pathways to achieve clean energy transitions.


Dr. Adewale Adesanya is an energy and environmental consultant with wealth of experience in the energy sector across the globe. His expertise spans researching, energy systems modelling, energy justice, energy policy analysis, and climate advocacy towards clean and renewable energy transition. Dr. Adesanya has worked extensively on clean energy systems development in the context of technology, project management, public engagement, and policy dimensions. He has about two decades industrial working and researching experience across the globe, including in the U.S., Germany, Scotland, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Tuvalu in the production, oil and gas, renewable energy and public service regulatory sectors. He has published and is still publishing in various energy journals on energy transition at residential, industrial, community, regional and national scales.
Dr. Adesanya received a Ph.D. degree in Environmental and Energy Policy from Michigan Technological University, where he worked extensively on the analysis of pathways to just 100 percent renewable energy in the U.S. He holds a Master of Engineering degree in Energy and Environmental Management from Europa Universität Flensburg, Germany and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Production Engineering at University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Dr. Adesanya has worked and is still working in collaboration with utilities, stakeholders, community members, regulators in the state of Michigan to develop pathways to renewable energy transition and sustainable development.

Dr. Adesanya is an associate member of Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) and one of the awardees of the prestigious 40 under 40 Energy News Network for the year 2020. He has also been recognized as a leader for Michigan Clean Energy Leaders (MCEL) project, a year project where top 15 young leaders in various energy sectors in Michigan are convened to drive the current and future clean energy economy and growth in the state. The project is supported by E2 as a program of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and with partnership of Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council, and 1 Hotels. Dr. Adesanya is also one of the inaugural fellows of Pan-African Scientific Research Council.

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What we do

Research and benchmarking analysis support on decarbonization and electrification pathways

Adesanya, A. A. (2021). Can Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Achieve Justice in Transitioning to 100% Renewable Electricity?

Distributed energy system planning and design

minigrid, microgrid, and off grid (standalone for businesses, homes, etc.) systems.

Project Planning and Management

Let us help you to plan, design, and optimally size your renewable energy projects from the scratch to finish.

Climate and Energy Equity Advocacy

Havenergy Consulting facilitates policies and programs that advocates climate justice